Your private deal capture and transaction management solution

Globally, commodity companies are looking for solutions to assist them to leverage off their own private trade data, combined with third party data, in order to improve the company’s portfolio operations, productivity and performance.

Through discussions with our customers we identified an industry shift towards greater digitalization - GLX Digital has developed flexible software solutions that that can be configured for our customers budget and level of digitalization.


At GLX Digital, we take data privacy and information security seriously. Our engineering team design and build our software to the highest security standards, and our ISMS (Information Security Management System) has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by SAI Global. As the international benchmark for best practice for an ISMS, ISO:/IEC27001 is the most widely sought after and regarded certification in information security.

Our development team employs secure coding techniques and best practices, focused around the OWASP Top Ten with a defence-in-depth approach that provides multiple layers of security controls . We conduct background screening checks at the time of hire for all employees and all employees are trained on our information security policies. We grant access to our employees to our systems and platforms on a need to know basis with 'least privilege' rules, review permissions quarterly, and revoke access immediately after employee termination or reassignment.

GLX Digital complies with applicable privacy legislation including the European General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR), Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and the Australian Privacy Act.