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Since 2015 GLX Digital has collaborated with global customers to develop a flexible and dynamic software solution to cater for whichever stage our customer is at in the digitalization journey.

Your GLX Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation Journey

We provide a flexible product offering which is able to cater for where our customer is along the digital transformation journey.

Our base offer GLX CONNECT, is focused on digitisation and allows our customers the opportunity to experience the base benefits of digital transformation.

Our other product, GLX ONE is our more advanced offering and incorporates both digitisation and digitalisation, it is tailored for our customers that have made the commitment to digital transformation.


GLX ONE, is a full CTRM solution which provides your company with access to data and information on your portfolio like never before. It is a comprehensive full lifecycle, end-to-end trade management software solution.

GLX ONE provides a single source of truth for all your trade lifecycle requirements, and full integration into your existing ERP, Risk Management system, or any other application.

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GLX CONNECT is our market facing transaction management solution that provides users a completely private and secure trading platform where the user controls all pricing and transaction data accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

GLX CONNECT has more than 80 global companies as customers, it is the most effective way to transition into digitisation of the trading process.

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