Digital Solutions

The technology developed by GLX Digital is designed to enable companies to build their own trading marketplace, a private platform offering complete control over data and pricing information.

The major advantage of our solutions is the comprehensive commercial intellectual property that is already established to seamlessly connect all departments within a large trading or energy company.

This means compliance is enhanced as all departments from trading and marketing teams, to legal, purchasing and more are connected in real time with all engagement recorded digitally.

Propriety software that connects your trading team with the global commodity markets in real-time.

A single solution to optimise your entire portfolio

GLX's commodity trading and risk management software provides a single, powerful platform for managing physical and financial positions and assets, uniting information for the front, middle, and back office - all in real time. GLX eliminates the uncertainty that's inherent in relying on disparate legacy programs or spreadsheets.

Your private transaction management and deal capture system

The single source of truth
The single source of truth

Global commodity markets can choose between two software offerings to enhance how they buy, sell and trade cargoes.

GLX ONE – a customised solutions where we build all the required trading features to suit the needs and policies of an organisations internal processes.

GLX Connect – offers a digital market place to trade cargoes under any trade type. Currently in the LNG market, GLX has certified more than 80 companies to use the software.

Companies have the option to purchase and use them individually or together.

The singl source of truth

Why GLX?

GLX Digital's software provides your company with
a single source of truth for all trading activities.

This consolidates all data allowing different departments to work off the same information in real-time, reducing the amount of errors, making the process less time consuming, while allowing faster analysis for better returns and significantly enhancing your compliance position.

Companies gain from performing more productively.

During the past four years GLX has refined its software capabilities to enhance the transaction management processes to provide more productive outcomes for members.  In this time a successful global footprint in the LNG sector has been established, with more than 65 members already secured that consist of some of the world’s largest energy and trading companies.

Reasons companies choose GLX Digital

Centralised platform
providing a single source of truth

Increased portfolio
management capabilities

Data is centrally
stored and analysed

Faster trade execution

Comprehensive audit trail

Real-time visibility globally

Improved productivity

Low error rates

Risk mitigation

Ease of scalability

Reduction in costs

About the Software

GLX Digital provides industry with a cloud-based commodity transaction management software.

This digitalises key commodity transaction activities that have become outdated and add unnecessary time and risk to a transaction management process.

The software connects trading teams on a single, central platform to allow an entire portfolio of commodities to be managed.

The single digital solution provides the user with greater organisational flexibility, reducing the operational friction while importantly enhancing global competitiveness. A key feature of the GLX software is the ability to transact using either the public marketplace, where all trades are transparent and can be viewed by GLX members, or privately using sealed tenders and bi-lateral trade tools.

SEM transaction management software?

GLX operates in the Software as a Service (SaaS) enabled B2B marketplace platform (SEM) industry.

Our software fits into the SEM industry because it combines the characteristics of both the Software as a Service (SaaS) and marketplace business models including:

SaaS component that offers software features such as portfolio management visibility, risk management, controls, and regulatory compliance to one or more of the parties

A marketplace component that connects two or more parties to conclude a transaction

GLX’s software can be customised for any physical commodity or industry