Monday 02 November 2020

GLX: Digital trading software or a marketplace for price discovery?

In our engagements with customers we’re sometimes asked if GLX Digital is a marketplace to facilitate transparency and price discovery, or a technology company that develops digital deal capture and trade management software.

The good news is, GLX Digital is a proud and passionate Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

GLX Digital is not involved in benchmark price indices or price discovery, and we do not access your data – your data is your data.

Connect is a private and secure communication and trade management system – it is not a marketplace and we no longer offer auctions or bid-offer trade types in Connect.

Connect now offers private and secure Bilateral Trades and Tender Trades, covering all of your spot and short-term procurement activities. You also specify the term sheet format and content for use in your Bilateral Trades and Tender Trades, giving you complete control.

Our focus is to continue designing and building leading digital trading software solutions that enhance the transaction management and deal capture functions for commodity companies around the world.