Recently commodity companies have experienced significant changes. There has been increasing complexity in markets due to changing liquidity, increased volatility in asset prices, decreased margins and extended regulatory and compliance measures. These issues have placed additional pressure on companies to make informed decisions and take control over how their businesses grow.

Private, digital marketplaces for global commodities

Our propriety software is applicable to all global commodity markets, from iron ore and hard rock, to shipping, utilities and agriculture.

The software gives companies that trade commodities their own private marketplace where entire end-to-end transaction management processes are digitalised.

The value of a private marketplace is it provides a single source of truth on all data while also streamlining the efficiencies of workflows.

The transaction management platform has been validated by our extensive work in the global LNG market.

Since February 2018, more than 65 of the world’s largest energy companies have successfully traded spot cargoes using the GLX digital platform.


Small scale LNG, Trucking LNG, CNG

Hard Rock

Iron Ore




Crude Oil


Emerging challenges for industry

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  • Demand for greater liquidity is increasing
  • Greater environmental focus with tightening regulations such as the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2020 ruling for the marine sector to slash emissions in international waters
  • Fragmentation across global markets continues to have an impact with no independent centralised marketplaces to connect and transact
  • Slow and complex trade execution – costs are under pressure and demand to seamlessly manage increased trade flows is becoming a greater priority
  • Commercial and regulatory complexities are becoming increasingly difficult to manage
  • Lack of transparency – current market practices do not provide trusted price discovery
  • Petroleum; and
  • Agriculture